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    • Arbeider med HTCE 

      Unneberg, Erik; Haugmo, Ingvild Eide (2006)
      Various polymer matrices intended for future application in rocket propellants were prepared and characterized. All samples were based on the prepolymer hydroxyl terminated poly-caprolactone ether (HTCE) which was cured ...
    • Innledende arbeider med HTCE 

      Unneberg, Erik (2000)
      Polymer samples based on hydroxyl terminated caprolactone ether and Desmodur N-100 were synthesized and characterized by various methods. All samples cured well. The curing reaction was monitored by FTIR, and an important ...
    • Termogravimetrisk og dynamisk mekanisk analyse av polymermatriser 

      Unneberg, Erik; Hansen, Knut Magne (2004)
      In this work improved DMA and TGA methods were developed in order to measure glass transition temperatures and study thermochemical properties of various polymer matrices suited for binders in rocket propellants. Several ...