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The archive currently contains peer reviewed journal articles published by our scientists, some in collaboration with others, in a wide field of research.

The archive contains both Open Access articles and metadata of articles embargoed or in other ways not yet Open Access.

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    Stender, Dan Henrik Sekse; Søvik, André Adelsten (2019)
    Knowledge about the underwater environment is critical to anti-submarine warfare operations in littoral waters. The sonar settings and depth selections can significantly affect the predicted sonar performance. Bathymetry ...
  • Distributed fusion in underwater sensor networks: Fusing bearing information 

    Otnes, Roald Wilhelm; Zetterberg, Per; Blouin, Stephane; Nordenvaad, Magnus Lundberg; Austad, Håvard; Dombestein, Elin Margrethe Bøhler (2019)
    In underwater sensor networks, distributed data fusion may be more efficient than centralized fusion because the limited data transmission capacity can make it difficult to collect all required sensor information at a ...
  • Laminar burning velocity of gases vented from failed Li-ion batteries 

    Henriksen, Mathias; Vaagsaether, K.; Lundberg, Joachim; Forseth, Sissel; Bjerketvedt, D. (2021-06-10)
    In the last decade, several fires and explosions caused by Li-ion batteries (LIBs) have been reported. This can be attributed to the thermal runaway and catastrophic failures of LIBs that release combustible gases, which ...
  • Proud past, exciting future – FFI 75 years 

    Aarønæs (red.), Lars (2021-07-12)
    On 11 April 1946, the Norwegian Parliament (Stortinget) decided to establish the Norwegian Defence Research Establishment (FFI). FFI has now been supplying knowledge and ideas for an effective Norwegian defence for 75 ...
  • AMRISK VERSION 2.5 – documentation of verification tests 

    Holm, Knut B.; Elfving, Carl; Øiom, Hans; Serander, Emil; Larsson, Peter; Nielsen, Martin Normann (2021-06-29)
    AMRISK is the software code used for quantitative risk assessment of ammunition storages in Norway and Sweden. As the first part of a major upgrade of the code, AMRISK version 2.5 is finished and verified. The code of ...

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