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    • The 3S3 experiment data report - using operational naval sonars to study the effects of continuous active sonar, and source proximity, on sperm whales 

      Kvadsheim, Petter H.; Isojunno, Saana; Curé, Charlotte; Siemensma, Marije L.; Wensveen, Paul; Lam, Frans-Peter A.; Roland, Rune; Benti, Benjamin; Sivle, Lise D; Burslem, Alec; Kleivane, Lars; Miller, Patrick J.O. (2021-03-18)
      The 3S project is an international collaborative effort with the aim to investigate behavioral reactions of cetaceans to naval sonar signals. The objectives of the third phase of the project (3S3) were to investigate if ...
    • Effect of naval sonar exposure on killer whales and humpback whales – 3S-2023 cruise report 

      Kvadsheim, Petter H.; Miller, Patrick J.O.; Lam, Frans-Peter A.; Wensveen, Paul J.; Bort, Jacqueline; Burslem, Alec; Giovannini, Giorgia; Hayward, Ellen; van Ijsselmuide, Sander P.; Kleivane, Lars; Reesor, Craig; van Riet, Martijn W.G.; Roland, Rune; Siemensma, Marije L.; Sato, George (2024-04-02)
      3S (Sea mammals and Sonar Safety) is a multidisciplinary and international collaboration studying how naval sonar affects cetaceans. The goal is to gain information necessary to manage the risk to cetaceans without ...