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    • KE-penetrasjon i panserstål - artikkelgjennomgang og simuleringer 

      Kvifte, Lars (2003)
      As a part of FFI-project 798 “Anti-Armour Weapons beyond 2000” a study of active protection systems (APS) has been performed. APS protects armoured objects from the full effect of anti-tank (AT) missiles, and possibly ...
    • Metoder for effektberegning av smart artilleriammunisjon 

      Halsør, Marius; Kvifte, Lars (2003)
      In order to evaluate the effect of smart artillery ammunition, three separate methods have been developed. They are all described in this report. The methods have different areas of applications. For realistic, complex ...
    • Radar i APS-systemer 

      Kvifte, Lars (2003)
      FFI-project 798, “Anti-Armour Weapons beyond 2000” has performed a study on active protection systems (APS). As part of this work, this report discusses the performance of radars. First the report presents requirements ...