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    • Analysis of the Stuhmiller blast injury model 

      Teland, Jan Arild; Skriudalen, Stian (2013-06-04)
      The Stuhmiller model for blast wave injury has been studied. Although it has not been documented well in literature, we were able to program the model in Matlab and study some of its properties. It turned out that the ...
    • Analytical cavity expansion penetration models compared with numerical simulations 

      Teland, Jan Arild; Moxnes, John F. (2003)
      Penetration models for rigid projectiles based on cavity expansion theory (CET) are widely used. In this article we performed several hydrocode simulations and compared with analytical results from CET-based theories for ...
    • Blast wave propagation into the brain 

      Teland, Jan Arild; Huseby, Morten (2012-12-07)
      Military personnel are exposed to blast waves during training and combat. IED’s (Improvised Explosive Devices) have for some time caused more fatalities than other threats for Norwegian soldiers, and there have also been ...
    • Boundary effects in penetration into concrete 

      Teland, Jan Arild; Sjøl, Henrik (2000)
    • Development of material models for semi-brittle materials like tungsten carbide 

      Moxnes, John F.; Teland, Jan Arild; Skriudalen, Stian; Bergsrud, Svein Morten; Sundem-Eriksen, Lasse; Fykse, Haakon (2010)
      Tungsten carbide is a very special material that exhibits both brittle and ductile properties. While purely brittle and ductile materials in general are well understood, a theory for describing the properties of a hybrid ...
    • En sammenligning av beregnet og målt lydtrykk nær lette våpen 

      Huseby, Morten; Rahimi, Reza; Teland, Jan Arild; Wasberg, Carl Erik (2006)
      This report is part of an ongoing effort to improve the ability of the Norwegian Defence Estates Agency (FB) to assess noise pollution from firing ranges. At FFI we are currently developing methods to theoretically predict ...
    • Environmental toxicology of blast exposures: Injury metrics, modelling, methods and standards 

      Leggieri, Michael J; Bieler, Dan; Bjarnason, Stephen; Cernak, Ibolja F; Franke, Axel F; Kirkman, Emrys; Martineau, L; Orru, Hans; Ouellet, S; Philippens, M; Risling, MG; Sarron, JC; Skriudalen, Stian; Teland, Jan Arild; Watts, Sarah A; Gupta, RK (2018)
    • Everything you wanted to know about material testing but were afraid to ask 

      Teland, Jan Arild; Svinsås, Eirik (2003)
      The theory behind various methods of material testing is reviewed. We look in detail at static triaxial testing with a GREAC cell and dynamic testing with the Split Hopkinson Bar and Flyer plate. In particular, we ...
    • Examination of yawed impact using a combined numerical and analytical approach 

      Teland, Jan Arild (2003)
      Performing sensitivity studies using 3D-hydrocodes have normally been an extremely time consuming process and still remains so even though computer speed continues to increase. To overcome this problem, a combined analytical ...
    • Experimental and numerical study of the fragmentation of expanding warhead casings by using different numerical codes and solution techniques 

      Moxnes, John Fredrik; Prytz, Anne K.; Frøyland, Øyvind; Klokkehaug, Siri; Skriudalen, Stian; Friis, Eva; Teland, Jan Arild; Dørum, Cato; Ødegårdstuen, Gard (2014)
      There has been increasing interest in numerical simulations of fragmentation of expanding warheads in 3D. Accordingly there is a pressure on developers of leading commercial codes, such as LS-DYNA, AUTODYN and IMPETUS Afea, ...
    • Final report: Improvement of the computational methods of the Norwegian Defence Estates Agency for computing noise from the Norwegian defence training ranges 

      Huseby, Morten; Rahimi, Reza; Teland, Jan Arild; Dyrdal Idar; Fykse, Haakon; Hugsted, Bjørn; Wasberg, Carl Erik; Aker, Eyvind; Cleave, Ra; Løvholt, Finn; Madshus, Christian; Rotschild (2008)
      This report summarizes efforts made to improve the ability of the Norwegian Defence Estates Agency (NODEA) to calculate noise and vibration levels from military activities. Accurate noise maps are essential for conforming ...
    • Guidelines for conducting epidemiological studies of blast injury 

      Bieler, Dan; Cernak, Ibolja F; Martineau, L; Bjarnason, Stephen; Franke, Axel F; Kirkman, Emrys; Leggieri, Michael J; Orru, Hans; Ouellet, S; Philippens, M; Risling, MG; Sarron, JC; Skriudalen, Stian; Teland, Jan Arild; Watts, Sarah A; Gupta, Raj (2018)
      Blast injuries are often caused by more than one mechanism, do not occur in isolation, and typically elicit a secondary multi-system response. Research efforts often do not separate blast injuries caused by blast waves ...
    • Guidelines for reproducing blast exposures in the laboratory 

      Josey, Tyson; Ouellet, S; Bieler, Dan; Cernak, Ibolja F; Franke, Axel F; Gupta, Raj; Kirkman, Emrys; Leggieri, Michael J; Orru, Hans; Philippens, M; Risling, M.; Sarron, JC; Skriudalen, Stian; Teland, Jan Arild; Watts, Sarah A; Bjarnason, Stephen (2018)
    • Guidelines for using animal models in blast injury research 

      Watts, Sarah; Kirkman, Emrys; Bieler, Dan; Bjarnason, Stephen; Franke, Axel; Gupta, Raj Kumari; Leggieri, Michael J.; Orru, Hans; Ouellet, Simon; Philippens, Mat M. G. M.; Sarron, Jean-Claude; Skriudalen, Stian; Teland, Jan Arild; Risling, Mårten; Cernak, Ibolja (2018)
      Blast injury is a very complex phenomenon and frequently results in multiple injuries. One method to investigate the consequences of blast injuries is with the use of living systems (animal models). The use of animals ...
    • Influence of helmet on blast propagation into the brain - literature survey 

      Teland, Jan Arild (2016-12-19)
      It has been known for a long time that blast waves can cause brain damage to military personnel. However, only recently questions have been asked about how helmet use can influence the shock wave propagation into the ...
    • Matlab toolbox for processing of GREAC cell data 

      Rusås, Per-Olav; Teland, Jan Arild (2000)
      This report provides the documention for a Matlab toolbox that has been developed at FFI. The purpose of the toolbox is to process and analyse raw data from a GREAC cell test, in order to extract material models and parameters ...
    • Misalignment effects using blast pencil probes 

      Skriudalen, Stian; Skjold, Arild; Hugsted, Bjørn; Teland, Jan Arild; Huseby, Morten (2014-02-12)
      This report investigates the use of blast pencil probes and the effect on the pressure-time history when having a non-optimized alignment of the pressure gauges, the so-called misalignment effect. This may be of special ...
    • Modelling of granular materials in the autodyn hydrocode 

      Olsen, Åge Andreas Falnes; Teland, Jan Arild (2003)
      Two methods for creating a two-component material in Autodyn are described. In the first approach we fill two separate subgrids with different materials whereas the second method fills one subgrid with two different ...
    • Multifunctional numerical tool for penetration analysis 

      Teland, Jan Arild (2002)
      An advanced analytical/numerical tool for calculating penetration of rigid projectiles into various materials is described. The program is based on cavity expansion theory (CET) and is a further development of an earlier ...