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    • Boundary effects in penetration into concrete 

      Teland, Jan Arild; Sjøl, Henrik (2000)
    • Et digitalt verktøy for soldatutstyrsforvaltning - soldatsystemkalkulator 

      Heinrich, Daniela; Sjøl, Henrik (2015-03-18)
      Soldaten må ha evne til å forsvare seg selv og utføre oppdraget sitt uansett oppgave eller operasjon. Dette betyr at soldaten trenger et modulært system for utstyret, som kan settes sammen etter behov slik at operative ...
    • Material models for concrete exposed to impact loading 

      Sjøl, Henrik (2023-05-16)
      Concrete is an important material in building protective structures. To calculate what happens to these structures when exposed to impact loads, we need to have a good understanding of the material behavior. Empirical and ...
    • Penetration into concrete - analysis of small scale experiments with 12 mm projectiles 

      Sjøl, Henrik; Teland, Jan Arild; Kaldheim, Øyvind (2002)
      The analytical approach for predicting penetration of rigid projectiles into concrete targets indicates that the scaled penetration depth is a function of only two non-dimensional parameters. This report analyses experiments ...
    • Penetration into concrete by truncated projectiles 

      Teland, Jan Arild; Sjøl, Henrik (2000)
      In this report we examine the penetration into semi–infinite concrete targets by truncated projectiles. Forrestal’s semi–analytical penetration formula for ogive–nosed projectiles has earlier been seen to give good ...
    • Penetration into modular targets 

      Olsen, Åge Andreas Falnes; Sjøl, Henrik; Teland, Jan Arild (2002)
      Penetration into modular targets (i.e. a wall or similar structure consisting of several target blocks) is examined using a variety of methods. Full Autodyn-3D simulations are performed and supported by analytical calculations. ...
    • Perforation of concrete targets 

      Sjøl, Henrik; Teland, Jan Arild (2003)
      During construction of concrete buildings for military purposes, one is interested in minimizing the potensial damage caused by an impacting projectile. To achieve this, it is necessary to use a wall thickness that either ...
    • Prediction of concrete penetration using Forrestals formula 

      Teland, Jan Arild; Sjøl, Henrik (2000)
      The various existing empirical formulas for predicting penetration into concrete targets are seen to give different results. Explaining the difference is difficult since most of the original empirical data behind the ...