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    • Explosion characteristics for Li-ion battery electrolytes at elevated temperatures 

      Henriksen, Mathias; Vågsæther, Knut; Lundberg, Joachim; Forseth, Sissel; Bjerketvedt, Dag (2019-01-28)
      Li-ion batteries are used in electronic devices and electric cars, yet they create safety concerns due to the possibility of the release of combustible materials. The electrolyte, one of the main components in a Li-ion ...
    • Laminar burning velocity of gases vented from failed Li-ion batteries 

      Henriksen, Mathias; Vaagsaether, K.; Lundberg, Joachim; Forseth, Sissel; Bjerketvedt, D. (2021-06-10)
      In the last decade, several fires and explosions caused by Li-ion batteries (LIBs) have been reported. This can be attributed to the thermal runaway and catastrophic failures of LIBs that release combustible gases, which ...
    • Laminar burning velocity of the dimethyl carbonate–air mixture formed by the Li-ion electrolyte solvent 

      Henriksen, Mathias; Vågsæther, Knut; Gaathaug, Andre Vagner; Lundberg, Joachim; Forseth, Sissel; Bjerketvedt, Dag (2020-08-21)
      If a Li-ion cell fails and the electrolyte leaks out into air, a flammable premixed gas cloud can be formed. The electrolyte combustion energy is 65–70% of the total energy content of the cell. The main objective of this ...