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    • Environmental risk assessment for non-defuelled, decommissioned nuclear submarines 

      Høibråten, Steinar; Blaauboer, Roelf O.; Chagrot, Michel; Engøy, Thor; Hadonina, Dzidra; Jansone, Anda; Kupca, Stefan; Lynn, Neil MacKinley; Natalizio, Antonio; Ortenzi, Vanio; Salmins, And (2007)
      The report is a reprint of a subset of the results of a 1998 NATO Pilot Study. Possible accident scenarios involving decommissioned nuclear submarines are discussed. Criticality accidents are found to be the potentially ...
    • Laboratorietester av personlig dosemåler 

      Engøy, Thor; Gran, Hans Christian (2004)
      An electronic dosimeter, from MGP Instruments in France, capable of measuring gamma and neutron radiation has been tested for the Norwegian Defence Logistics Organisation / Land. Accuracy for dose response, energy response ...
    • Predicting scalar coupling constants via machine learning 

      Bakken, Fredrik; Sandberg, Lars L; Christensen, Dennis; Engøy, Thor; Gisnås, Hallvar; Aurdal, Lars (2021-12-22)
      Over the preceding decade, machine learning techniques have been successfully applied in several fields of research, including the prediction of chemical properties of atoms and molecules. Whereas conventional quantum ...