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    • Modelling of granular materials in the autodyn hydrocode 

      Olsen, Åge Andreas Falnes; Teland, Jan Arild (2003)
      Two methods for creating a two-component material in Autodyn are described. In the first approach we fill two separate subgrids with different materials whereas the second method fills one subgrid with two different ...
    • Penetration into modular targets 

      Olsen, Åge Andreas Falnes; Sjøl, Henrik; Teland, Jan Arild (2002)
      Penetration into modular targets (i.e. a wall or similar structure consisting of several target blocks) is examined using a variety of methods. Full Autodyn-3D simulations are performed and supported by analytical calculations. ...
    • Rapid Autodyn-3D penetration simulations using a virtual target 

      Olsen, Åge Andreas Falnes; Teland, Jan Arild (2002)
      By taking advantage of the possibilities for developing user subroutines in Autodyn-3D, we implement a method that uses a virtual target to decrease runtimes for 3D problems by several orders of magnitude. The new method ...