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    • DVL Velocity Aiding in the HUGIN 1000 Integrated Inertial Navigation System 

      Jalving, Bjørn; Gade, Kenneth; Svartveit, Kristian; Willumsen, Are Baardsgaard; Sørhagen, Robert (2004)
      The RDI WHN-600 Doppler Velocity Log (DVL) is a key navigation sensor for the HUG1N 1000 Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV). HUGIN 1000 is designed for autonomous submerged operation for long periods of time. This is ...
    • Integrated Camera-Based Navigation 

      Gade, Brita Helene Hafskjold; Jalving, Bjørn; Hagen, Per Espen; Gade, Kenneth (2000)
      This paper presents an integrated INS (Inertial Navigation System) and camera-based navigation system. The camera-based navigation system provides position measurement aiding to the INS. This is an alternative to the more ...
    • Time referencing in offshore survey systems 

      Jalving, Bjørn; Berglund, Einar (2006)
      The accuracy of offshore survey sensors such as multibeam echo sounders, GPS, ultra-short baseline acoustic navigation systems and attitude sensors is steadily increasing. Integration of high-precision survey and ...