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    • Overall description of an analysis and simulation tool for acoustic ASW sensors 

      Wegge, Jon; Tveit, Elling (2003)
      This report describes the sonar analysis and simulation to be performed by the ASW sonar and combat system evaluation tool. The tool will be developed in FFI project 849 SIMSON, and will be used in analysis of properties ...
    • Specification of functions for the Unison underwater warfare demonstrator 

      Wegge, Jon (2002)
      UNISON 2005 is a research and development program supporting the development of the next generation of combat systems for underwater warfare. The UNISON 2005 program is a co-operation between KDA, SIMRAD and FFI. The ...
    • Visualization of sonar performance 

      Tveit, Elling; Wegge, Jon; Nilsen, Erik Hamran (1998)
      The documenl describes severai methods for sonar performance visualizalion, and how predietion dala can be used by an operator to adjust sonar parameters. A computer program has been implemented to create most of .he ...