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    • Assessment of the dispersion of Legionella-containing aerosols from a biological treatment plant 

      Blatny, Janet Martha; Tutkun, Murat; Fossum, Hannibal Eie; Skogan, Gunnar; Fykse, Else-Marie; Andreassen, Øyvind; Waagen, Viggo; Reif, Bjørn Anders Pettersson (2011)
      Legionella was detected in aeration ponds (biological treatment plant) at Borregaard Ind. Ltd., Norway, and in air samples harvested directly above these ponds. Since 2005, three outbreaks of legionellosis occurred within ...
    • Tracking airborne Legionella and Legionella pneumophila at a biological treatment plant 

      Blatny, Janet Martha; Reif, Bjørn Anders Pettersson; Skogan, Gunnar; Andreassen, Øyvind; Høiby, Ernst Arne; Ask, Eirik; Waagen, Viggo; Aanonsen, Dag; Aaberge, Ingeborg Aase S.; Caugant, Dominique A (2008)
      Biological treatment plants are frequently used to degrade organic substances in wastewater from wood refinement processes. Aeration ponds in such plants provide an optimal growth environment for many microorganisms, ...