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    • Electron loss and meteoric dust in the mesosphere 

      Friedrich, Martin; Rapp, Markus; Blix, Tom Arild; Hoppe, Ulf-Peter; Torkar, Klaus; Robertson, Scott; Dickson, S; Lynch, K. (2012)
      The ionosphere is always assumed to contain equal numbers of positive and negative charges in a given volume (quasineutrality). Hence fewer electrons than positive charges are an indication of negative charges other than ...
    • Mass analysis of charged aerosol particles in NLC and PMSE during the ECOMA/MASS campaign 

      Robertson, Scott; Horányi, Mihály; Knappmiller, Scott; Sternovsky, Zoltan; Holzworth, Robert H.; Shimogawa, Michelle M.; Friedrich, Martin; Torkar, Klaus; Gumbel, Jörg; Megner, Linda; Baumgarten, Gerd; Latteck, Ralph; Rapp, Markus; Hoppe, Ulf-Peter; Hervig, Mark E. (2009)
      MASS (Mesospheric Aerosol Sampling Spectrometer) is a multichannel mass spectrometer for charged aerosol particles, which was flown from the Andoya Rocket Range, Norway, through NLC and PMSE on 3 August 2007 and through ...
    • Multi-instrument comparisons of D-region plasma measurements 

      Friedrich, Martin; Torkar, Klaus; Hoppe, Ulf-Peter; Bekkeng, Tore Andre; Barjatya, Aroh; Rapp, Markus (2013)
      The ECOMA (Existence and Charge state Of Meteoric dust grains in the middle Atmosphere) series of sounding rocket flights consisted of nine flights with almost identical payload design and flight characteristics. All flights ...