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    • Human performance research for military operations in extreme cold environments 

      Sullivan-Kwantes, Wendy; Haman, Francois; Kingma, Boris R.M.; Martini, Svein; Gautier-Wong, Emilie; Chen, Kong Y.; Friedl, Karl E. (2020)
      Objectives Soldier performance in the Arctic depends on planning and training, protective equipment, and human physiological limits. The purpose of this review was to highlight the span of current research on enhancing ...
    • Introduction: Training is more important than technology (for performance in the cold) 

      Friedl, Karl E.; Hasselstrom, Henriette; Kingma, Boris R.M.; Norheim, Arne Johan; Ojanen, Tommi; Sullivan-Kwantes, Wendy; Teien, Hilde Kristin; White, Graham (2023-07-27)
      After more than 50 years of studying soldiers in the cold, we are well past the phase of defining the unique problems; the research requirements are known but the solutions have been slow in coming. This requires iterative ...