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    • Automatic Underway AUV Recovery Using a USV 

      Bitar, Glenn; Rundhovde, Marius; Ruud, Else-Line Malene; Sandrib, Jarle; Selvåg, Jarle; Smestad, Ragnar (2022-09-12)
      The future Norwegian naval mine countermeasure (NMCM) capability includes unmanned, autonomous vessels. The Royal Norwegian Navy uses the Hugin autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) in mine hunting operations. To facilitate ...
    • NATO JRP electronic MCM NO phase 1 report - sensor technology 

      Selvåg, Jarle (2006)
      This report is the Norwegian contribution in the first phase of the NATO Joint Research Project "03C-3 Mine Models for MCM". It describes modern sensor technologies relevant for the evaluation of a future mine threat ...