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    • MODITIC : modelling the dispersion of toxic industrial chemicals in urban environments 

      Endregard, Monica; Burkhart, Stephane; Burman, Jan; Gentilhomme, Olivier; Robins, Alan; Wingstedt, Emma M. M.; Reif, Bjørn Anders Pettersson; Persson, Leif; Brännström, Niklas; Parmhed, Oskar (2016-10-13)
      The main objective of the MODITIC (Modelling the disperison of toxic industrial chemicals in urban environments) project is to enhance our fundamental understanding of the physical processes and the associated challenges ...
    • MODITIC wind tunnel experiments 

      Robins, Alan; Hayden, Paul; Wingstedt, Emma M. M. (2016-10-13)
      The European Defence Agency (EDA) project B-1097-ESM4-GP “MOdelling the DIspersion of Toxic Industrial Chemicals in urban environments” (MODITIC) (2012 – 2016) has studied the release and transport of neutral and non-neutral ...