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    • Characterization of (111)B and (211)B CdZnTe Substrates for HgCdTe Growth 

      Haakenaasen, Randi; Lauten, Oda; Selvig, Espen; Kongshaug, Kjell Ove; Røer, Eivind Jülke; Hansen, Runar Wattum (2019-06-13)
      We have studied state-of-the-art CdZnTe (211)B and (111)B substrates and compared them to each other and to substrates from an alternative vendor. The CdZnTe surface has been characterized both as-received and after growth ...
    • Descending Infrared Transmission Spectra of CdZnTe Substrates Due to Surface Roughness 

      Selvig, Espen; Kongshaug, Kjell Ove; Haakenaasen, Randi; Lorentzen, Torgeir; Brudevoll, Trond (2019-06-11)
      (111)B-oriented Cd0.96Zn0.04Te substrates with rough surfaces have been found to have infrared (IR) transmission spectra which decrease rapidly in intensity as the photon energy increases. The rough surfaces were produced ...