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    • Automatic Security Classification by Machine Learning for Cross-Domain Information Exchange 

      Hammer, Hugo Lewi; Kongsgård, Kyrre Wahl; Yazidi, Anis; Bai, Aleksander; Nordbotten, Nils Agne; Engelstad, Paal E. (2015)
      Cross-domain information exchange is necessary to obtain information superiority in the military domain, and should be based on assigning appropriate security labels to the information objects. Most of the data found in a ...
    • Data loss prevention based on text classification in controlled environments 

      Kongsgård, Kyrre Wahl; Nordbotten, Nils Agne; Mancini, Federico; Engelstad, Paal E. (2016)
      Loss of sensitive data is a common problem with potentially severe consequences. By categorizing documents according to their sensitivity, security controls can be performed based on this classification. However, errors ...