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    • LINE EW-UAS - an experimental unmanned system for coastal surveillance using ESM technology 

      Grimstvedt, Eirik Skjelbreid; Aronsen, Morten; Bergh-Nilssen, Eivind; Gulbrandsen, Fredrik; Hoelsæter, Øistein; Jahnsen, Berit; Kloster, Morten; Kure, Øivind; Larsen, Erlend; Lund, Ketil; Macdonald, Robert; Moen, Jonas; Nilssen, Jan-Rune; Sander, Jostein; Smestad, Tore; Thoresen, Thomas (2016-05-09)
      Drones and unmanned systems are attracting increasing interest from both military and civilian authorities alike, particularly in connection with surveillance and security technologies. An example of a use case for such ...
    • LYBIN 6.0 - user manual 

      Dombestein, Elin; Gjersøe, Amund; Hjelmervik, Karl Thomas; Kloster, Morten (2011-07-18)
      The acoustic ray trace model LYBIN uses a broad set of parameters to accurately calculate the probability of detecting objects in a given area under water with the use of sonar technology. As this probability changes with ...