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    • Multiple-array passive acoustic source localization in shallow water 

      Tollefsen, Dag; Getstoft, Peter; Hodgkiss, William S. (2017)
      This paper considers concurrent matched-field processing of data from multiple, spatially-separated acoustic arrays with application to towed-source data received on two bottom-moored horizontal line arrays from the SWellEx-96 ...
    • Phase-coherent communications without explicit phase tracking 

      Song, Heechun; Hodgkiss, William S.; Van Walree, Paul (2010)
      Phase-coherent communications typically requires a reliable phase-tracking algorithm. An initial phase estimate with training symbols allows a receiver to compensate for a motion-induced Doppler shift. Following the training ...
    • Probabilistic estimation of merchant ship source levels in an uncertain shallow-water environment 

      Tollefsen, Dag; Hodgkiss, William S.; Dosso, Stan E.; Bonnel, Julien; Knobles, David P. (2021-11-13)
      The estimation of ship source levels (SSLs) in shallow-water environments can be complicated by sound interaction with the seabed. Uncertainty in seabed properties influences SSL estimates, and it is of interest to mitigate ...