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    • Computational fluid dynamics simulations of local wind in large urban areas 

      Fossum, Hannibal E.; Helgeland, Anders (2020-09-29)
      The present report details the methodology and parameters used for high-fidelity computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulations of wind in large urban areas. In particular, a 150 km2 area of Oslo is used as an example, ...
    • Effect of Tonsillar Herniation on Cyclic CSF Flow Studied with Computational Flow Analysis 

      Linge, Svein; Haughton, Victor; Løvgren, Alf Emil; Mardal, Kent-Andre; Helgeland, Anders; Langtangen, Hans Petter (2011)
      BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE: The Chiari I malformation, characterized by tonsils extending below the foramen magnum, has increased CSF velocities compared with those in healthy subjects. Measuring the effect of tonsillar ...
    • Luftbåren smitte av virale luftveisinfeksjoner fra et aerosolfysisk perspektiv 

      Åkervik, Espen; Fossum, Hannibal E.; Dybwad, Marius; Helgeland, Anders (2020-06-16)
      Luftbåren smitte foregår gjennom at infeksiøst materiale følger med dråper av ulik størrelse ut fra verten gjennom respiratoriske aktiviteter som pust, tale, sang, host eller nys. For de vanlige aktivitetene som pusting, ...
    • Målinger av hastighetsfelter i flygenererte virvler nær hus under innflyvningstraseen ved Kjevik flyplass 

      Andreassen, Øyvind; Helgeland, Anders (2001)
      Winds caused by aircraft generated vortices are measured close to a roof in the approach to Kjevik airport. It is reported that aircraft vortices have caused tiles to fall down from roofs. In this report measurements of ...
    • Simulating CSF flow dynamics in the normal and chiari I subarachnoid space during rest and exertion 

      Linge, Svein; Mardal, Kent-Andre; Haughton, Victor; Helgeland, Anders (2013)
      BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE: CSF fluid dynamics in healthy subjects and patients with Chiari I have been characterized during rest with phase-contrast MR imaging and CFD. CSF flow velocities and pressures in the nonresting state ...
    • Studies of aerodynamically induced vibrations on the P-3Cmaritime surveillance aircraft and proposed vibration reducing measures 

      Andreassen, Øyvind; Wasberg, Carl Erik; Helgeland, Anders; Tutkun, Murat; Kielland, Jan Charles; Reif, Bjørn Anders Pettersson; Skaugen, Atle (2013-01-31)
      After installation of a radome on the P-3C aircraft, vibrations occur in flight that were not present earlier. The vibrations are specially noticeable at high airspeeds. The cause of the vibrations is confirmed to be ...
    • Visualisering av spredningsberegninger fra Fluent 

      Helgeland, Anders; Engdahl, Geir; Kalland, Kim (2008)
      Dette dokumentet beskriver det arbeidet som er blitt gjort, og de stegene som m°a til for °a visualisere tredimensjonale Fluent-data med VoluViz.
    • VoluViz 1.0 report 

      Helgeland, Anders; Gaarder, Trond (2002)
      VoluViz is a direct volume rendering application based on SGI's OpenGL Volumizer 2 and OpenGL, and is designed for interactive viewing of three-dimensional volume data. Its features include trilinear interpolation, ...
    • VoluViz 1.3 report 

      Engdahl, Geir; Helgeland, Anders (2005)
      VoluViz is a direct volume rendering application based on SGI's Volumizer 2 and OpenGL. It is designed for interactive viewing of three-dimensional volumetric data. The report is in three parts. The rst part gives an ...