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    • Abstracts from The Cold Weather Operations Conference 2021 

      Norheim, Arne Johan; Rannestad, Bård Stian; Howes, Richard; Rein, Erling Bekkestad; Jørum, Ellen; Friedl, Karl; Havenith, George; Teien, Hilde Kristin; Mercer, James; Melau, Jørgen; de Weerd, Louis; Smith, Michael; Taylor, Natalie; Voie, Øyvind Albert; Bergan-Skar, Pål; Andrews, Steve; Næsheim, Torvind; Steinberg, Tuva (2022-03-11)
      A common effort for both military and civil healthcare is to achieve knowledge-based health care in cold weather injuries and fatal accidents in harsh arctic environment. The Cold Weather Operations Conference in November ...
    • Heat stress in chemical protective clothing: porosity and vapour resistance 

      Havenith, George; den Hartog, Emiel; Martini, Svein (2011)
      Heat strain in chemical protective clothing is an important factor in industrial and military practice. Various improvements to the clothing to alleviate strain while maintaining protection have been attempted. More recently, ...