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    • Analysis of maritime operations - methodology and implementation 

      Drangfelt, Marie; Guttelvik, Mona Sagsveen; Aas, Johan; Sendstad Ole Jakob (2016-10-12)
      The report presents the accumulated experience, obtained methodology and associated recommendations gained through FFI project P1200 (Analysis of Maritime Operations) and P1337 (Analysis of Maritime Operations and ...
    • Norwegian long-term defence analysis - a scenario- and capability-based approach 

      Vatne, Dagfinn Furnes; Køber, Petter Kristian; Guttelvik, Mona Sagsveen; Arnfinnsson; Brynjar; Rise, Ørjan Rogne (2020-10-21)
      The Norwegian Defence Research Establishment (FFI) supports the political and military leadership of Norwegian defence in their long-term defence planning. In this report, we describe and review the method FFI uses to ...