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    • From food defence to food supply chain integrity 

      Davidson, Rebecca K.; Antunes, Wilson; Madslien, Elisabeth Henie; Belenguer, José; Gerevini, Marco; Torroba Perez, Tomas; Prugger, Raffaello (2017)
      Purpose Consumer confidence in the European food industry has been shaken by a number of recent scandals due to food fraud and accidental contamination, reminding the authors that deliberate incidents can occur. Food ...
    • Protecting our food: Can standard food safety analysis detect adulteration of food products with selected chemical agents? 

      Pedersen, Bjørn; Gorzkowska-Sobas, Agnieszka A; Gerevini, Marco; Prugger, Raffaello; Belenguer, Jose; Maletti, Marco; Ljønes, Marita; Gilljam, Berit Harstad; Tønsager, Janne; Opstad, Aase Mari; Davidson, Rebecca K. (2016)
      The food we eat and water we drink is routinely tested for a range of biological and chemical contaminants, which can be hazardous to human health, as part of food safety legislative requirements. The vulnerability of the ...