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    • A 2.5-D Integrated Data Logger for Measuring Extreme Accelerations 

      Gakkestad, Jakob; Sollund, Tomas; Dalsjø, Per; Tveit, Bjørn; Taklo, Maaike Margrete Visser; Wright, Daniel Nilsen; Helland, Susanne; Kristiansen, Helge; Johnsen, Christian (2017)
      A very compact and rugged 2.5-D integrated data logger has been built and tested. The data logger is capable of measuring accelerations exceeding 70 000 g. Microcontroller and flash memory as bare dies have been mounted ...
    • Investigation of conductive adhesive in harsh environment - the ReMi Fuze Case 

      Gakkestad, Jakob (2012-03-12)
      FFI and Nammo have participated in the project ”Fine Pitch Interconnect of Microelectronics and Microsystems for use in Rough Environments” (ReMi). The project has to a large extent been founded by the Norwegian Research ...