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    • Low-energy enhancement of nuclear γ strength and its impact on astrophysical reaction rates 

      Larsen, Ann-Cecilie; Blasi, Nives; Bracco, Angela; Bürger, Arnold; Camera, Franco; Eriksen, Tomas Kvalheim; Giacoppo, Francesca; Goriely, Stephan; Guttormsen, Magne Sveen; Görgen, Andreas; Hagen, Trine Wiborg; Harissopulos, Sotirios; Koehler, Paul Edward; Leoni, Silvia; Million, Bénédicte; Nyhus, Hilde-Therese; Renstrøm, Therese; Rose, Sunniva Johanne; Ruud, Inger Eli; Schiller, Andreas Ulrich; Siem, Sunniva; Tornyi, Tamas Gabor; Tveten, Gry Merete; Voinov, Alexander; Wiedeking, Mathis (2014)
      An unexpected enhancement in the low-energy part of the γ-strength function for light and medium-mass nuclei has been discovered at the Oslo Cyclotron Laboratory. This enhancement could lead to an increase in the neutron-capture ...