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    • Human performance research for military operations in extreme cold environments 

      Sullivan-Kwantes, Wendy; Haman, Francois; Kingma, Boris R.M.; Martini, Svein; Gautier-Wong, Emilie; Chen, Kong Y.; Friedl, Karl E. (2020)
      Objectives Soldier performance in the Arctic depends on planning and training, protective equipment, and human physiological limits. The purpose of this review was to highlight the span of current research on enhancing ...
    • Perspectives on resilience for military readiness and preparedness: Report of an international military physiology roundtable 

      Nindl, Bradley C.; Billing, Daniel C.; Drain, Jace R.; Beckner, Meaghan E.; Greeves, Julie; Groeller, Herbert; Teien, Hilde Kristin; Marcora, Samuele; Moffitt, Anthony; Reilly, Tara; Taylor, Nigel A.S.; Young, Andrew J.; Friedl, Karl E. (2018)
      Modern warfare operations often occur in volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous (VUCA) environments accompanied by physical exertion, cognitive overload, sleep restriction and caloric deprivation. The increasingly ...