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    • Federated single sign on in disconnected, intermittent and limited (DIL) networks 

      Brannsten, Marianne Rustad (2015)
      In a military setting resource exchange amongst coalition partners is of great importance. Using SAML2.0 in a Single Sign On scheme in a federated setting can be a solution to Web authentication of Web resources. The problem ...
    • Toward federated mission networking in the tactical domain 

      Brannsten, Marianne Rustad; Johnsen, Frank T.; Bloebaum, Trude Hafsøe; Lund, Ketil (2015)
      NATO is currently working on the Federated Mission Networking (FMN) concept, which will become the foundation for establishing mission networks in the future. The realization of the FMN concept is described in the NATO FMN ...
    • Using Open Standards for Utilizing IoT Sensors in a Smart City Scenario 

      Johnsen, Frank T.; Bloebaum, Trude Hafsøe; Brannsten, Marianne Rustad; Lund, Ketil (2018)
      Although the use of the Internet of Things (IoT) in a smart city context primarily stems from civilian applications like management and monitoring, there are also other uses. For instance, military forces may utilize ...