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    • Experimenting with a big data infrastructure for multimodal stream processing 

      Author::Stolpe, Audun; Author::Hansen, Bjørn Jervell; Author::Halvorsen, Jonas; Author::Opland, Eirik Jensen (2020-01-16)
      It is an important part of the Armed Forces’ activities to monitor Norwegian land areas, the airspace, the sea and cyberspace. This surveillance supports both traditional tasks such as defending sovereignty or crisis and ...
    • An overview of policy-based spectrum management for EM systems 

      Author::Ulversøy, Tore; Author::Halvorsen, Jonas (Nato STO, 2016)
      It has been predicted that many future military radio communication nodes, as well as many other EM spectrum consuming systems, to an increasing degree will make fast, local decisions about their use of the spectrum. This ...
    • Stordatasystemer og deres egenskaper 

      Author::Stolpe, Audun; Author::Hansen, Bjørn Jervell; Author::Halvorsen, Jonas (2019-03-25)
      Begrepet stordata er på mange måter mer dekkende som en betegnelse for en samfunnsutvikling enn for en bestemt teknologi, og har så langt ikke fått noen entydig definisjon. Isteden karakteriseres stordata som regel ved ...