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    • Characterization of the public transit air microbiome and resistome reveals geographical specificity 

      Leung, Michael K.H.; Tong, X.; Bøifot, Kari Oline; Bezdan, Daniela; Butler, Daniel J.; Danko, David C.; Gohli, Jostein; Green, Caroline; Hernandez, Mark T.; Kelly, Frank J.; Levy, Shawn; Mason-Buck, Gabriela; Nieto-Caballero, Marina; Syndercombe-Court, Denise; Udekwu, Klas I.; Young, Benjamin G.; Mason, Christopher E.; Dybwad, Marius; Lee, Patrick K.H. (2021-05-26)
      Background The public transit is a built environment with high occupant density across the globe, and identifying factors shaping public transit air microbiomes will help design strategies to minimize the transmission of ...