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    • Effects of exercise mode, energy, and macronutrientinterventions on inflammation during military training 

      Pasiakos, Stefan M; Margolis, Lee M; Murphy, Nancy E; McClung, Holy L; Martini, Svein; Gundersen, Yngvar; Castellani, John W.; Karl, James P.; Teien, Hilde Kristin; Madslien, Elisabeth Henie; Stenberg, Pål H.; Young, Andrew J.; Montain, Scott J; McClung, James P (2016)
      Load carriage (LC) exercise may exacerbate inflammation during training. Nutritional supplementation may mitigate this response by sparing endogenous carbohydrate stores, enhancing glycogen repletion, and attenuating ...
    • Perspectives on resilience for military readiness and preparedness: Report of an international military physiology roundtable 

      Nindl, Bradley C.; Billing, Daniel C.; Drain, Jace R.; Beckner, Meaghan E.; Greeves, Julie; Groeller, Herbert; Teien, Hilde Kristin; Marcora, Samuele; Moffitt, Anthony; Reilly, Tara; Taylor, Nigel A.S.; Young, Andrew J.; Friedl, Karl E. (2018)
      Modern warfare operations often occur in volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous (VUCA) environments accompanied by physical exertion, cognitive overload, sleep restriction and caloric deprivation. The increasingly ...