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    • Cardiovascular and thermal strain during 3–4 days of a metabolically demanding cold‑weather military operation 

      Castellani, John W.; Spitz, Marissa G; Karis, Anthony J.; Martini, Svein; Young, Andrew J; Margolis, Lee M; Karl, J Philip; Murphy, Nancy E; Xu, Xiaojiang; Montain, Scott J; Bohn, Jamie A; Teien, Hilde Kristin; Stenberg, Pål H.; Gundersen, Yngvar; Pasiakos, Stefan M (2017)
      Background Cardiovascular (CV) and thermal responses to metabolically demanding multi-day military operations in extreme cold-weather environments are not well described. Characterization of these operations will provide ...
    • Effects of a 7-days military training exercise on inflammatory biomarkers, serum hepcidin, and iron status 

      McClung, James P; Martini, Svein; Murphy, Nancy E; Montain, Scott J; Margolis, Lee M; Thrane, Ingjerd; Spitz, Marissa G; Blatny, Janet Martha; Young, Andrew J; Gundersen, Yngvar; Pasiakos, Stefan M (2013)
      Background Hepcidin, a peptide that is released into the blood in response to inflammation, prevents cellular iron export and results in declines in iron status. Elevated serum and urinary levels of hepcidin have been ...