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    • Generative Adversarial Immitation Learning for Steering an Unmanned Surface Vehicle 

      Vedeler, Alexandra Skau; Warakagoda, Narada Dilp (2020-02)
      The task of obstacle avoidance using maritime vessels, such as Unmanned Surface Vehicles (USV), has traditionally been solved using specialized modules that are designed and optimized separately. However, this approach ...
    • Multi-phase performance evaluation for modern minehunting systems 

      Midtgaard, Øivind; Warakagoda, Narada Dilp; Davies, Gary; Connors, Warren A.; Geilhufe, Marc (2019-05-10)
      Many NATO navies are in the process of replacing their dedicated minehunting vessels with systems of heterogeneous, unmanned modules. While traditional ship-based assets prosecute sonar contacts in sequence through to ...