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    • Dendritic flux avalanches in a superconducting MgB2 tape 

      Qureishy, Thomas; Laliena, Carlos; Martínez, Elena; Qviller, Atle Jorstad; Vestgården, Jørn Inge; Johansen, Tom Henning; Navarro, Rafael; Mikheenko, Pavlo (2017)
      Tapes of MgB2 with high critical current have a significant technological potential, but can experience operational breakdown due to thermomagnetic instabilities. Such events are routinely registered by magnetisation ...
    • Scaling Behavior of Quasi-One-Dimensional Vortex Avalanches in Superconducting Films 

      Qviller, Atle Jorstad; Qureishy, Thomas; Xu, Y; Suo, H; Mozhaev, PB; Hansen, J.B.; Vestgården, Jørn Inge; Johansen, Tom Henning; Mikheenko, Pavlo (2020-03-27)
      Scaling behaviour of dynamically driven vortex avalanches in superconducting YBa2Cu3O7−δ films deposited on tilted crystalline substrates has been observed using quantitative magneto-optical imaging. Two films with different ...