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    • Improved active sonar tactical support by through-the-sensor estimation of acoustic seabed properties 

      Vossen, Robbert van; Eidem, Ellen Johanne; Ivansson, Sven; Chalindar, Bruno; Dybedal, Johnny; Colin, Mathieu; Benders, Frank; Andersson, Brodd Leif; Juhel, Bénédicte; Cristol, Xavier; Olsen, Geir-Kyrre; Pihl, Jörgen; Tveit, Elling; Jespers, Stephane; Ainslie, Michael (2014)
      Accurate environmental information is required for obtaining confident sonar performance predictions. This environmental information is, however, often unreliable or unavailable. To support antisubmarine warfare (ASW) ...