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    • Payload charging events in the mesosphere and their impact on Langmuir type electric probes 

      Bekkeng, Tore Andre; Barjatya, Aroh; Hoppe, Ulf-Peter; Pedersen, Arne; Moen, Jøran Idar; Friedrich, Martin; Rapp, Markus (2013)
      Three sounding rockets were launched from Andøya Rocket Range in the ECOMA campaign in December 2010. The aim was to study the evolution of meteoric smoke particles during a major meteor shower. Of the various instruments ...
    • The red-sky enigma over Svalbard in December 2002 

      Sigernes, Fred; Lloyd, N.; Lorentzen, Dag Arne; Neuber, R.; Hoppe, U.-P.; Degenstein, D.; Shumilov, N.; Moen, Jøran Idar; Gjessing, Yngvar; Havnes, Ove; Skartveit, A.; Raustein, E.; Ørbæk, J.B.; Deehr, CS (2005)
      On 6 December 2002, during winter darkness, an extraordinary event occurred in the sky, as viewed from Longyearbyen (78° N, 15° E), Svalbard, Norway. At 07:30 UT the southeast sky was surprisingly lit up in a deep red ...