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    • Health effects after firing small arms comparing leaded and unleaded ammunition 

      Voie, Øyvind Albert; Borander, Anne Katrine; Sikkeland, Liv Ingunn Bjoner; Grahnstedt, Svein; Johnsen, Arnt Magne; Danielsen, Tor ERik; Longva, Kjetil Sager; Kongerud, Johny (2014)
      A number of Norwegian soldiers have reported health problems after live-fire training using the HK416 rifle. The objective of this study was to characterize gaseous and particulate emissions from three different types of ...
    • Military small arms fire in association with acute decrements in lung function 

      Borander, Anne Katrine; Voie, Øyvind Albert; Longva, Kjetil Sager; Danielsen, Tor ERik; Grahnstedt, Svein; Sandvik, Leiv; Kongerud, Johny; Sikkeland, Liv Ingunn Bjoner (2017)
      Objective After introduction of unleaded ammunition, Norwegian Armed Forces received reports of acute respiratory symptoms in soldiers after exposure to fumes from firing the standard weapon, HK416. The aim of the present ...