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    • An automatic station for measurement of meteorological parameters and thermal signatures 

      Strømman, Eivind; Høimyr, Tor; Gamborg, Marius; Olsen, Frode Berg (2001)
      Two measuring stations have been established - the purpose being to collect comprehensive databases of thermal signatures of background elements together with the prevailing meteorological conditions. The databases ...
    • Automatisk værstasjon 

      Høimyr, Tor; Strømman, Eivind (2002)
      Two nearly identical automatic weather stations have been constructed. They have been applied for establishing comprehensive meteorological databases, which have been used as foundations in modelling object and ...
    • Termisk signatur fra objekt og bakgrunn - sluttrapport for prosjekt 775 

      Olsen, Frode Berg; Gamborg, Marius; Høimyr, Tor; Strømman, Eivind; Søderblom, Morten (2002)
      In project 775, models for simulation of thermal signature for natural backgrounds and for vehicles have been developed. Both models were calibrated and evaluated on the basis of meteorological data and real thermal images. ...