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    • Ad hoc networks used in emergency networks : the Trust Metric Routing approach 

      Winjum, Eli; Kure, Øivind; Spilling, Pål (2006)
      Mobile wireless ad hoc networks have characteristics, which intuitively make them well suited for utilization in search and rescue operations. This report discusses and describes how mobile wireless ad hoc networks will ...
    • Survey of Key Management in Ad Hoc Networks 

      Hegland, Anne Marie; Winjum, Eli; Mjølsnes, Stig Frode; Rong, Chunming; Kure, Øivind; Spilling, Pål (2006)
      The wireless and dynamic nature of mobile ad hoc networks (MANETs) leaves them more vulnerable to security attacks than their wired counterparts. The nodes act both as routers and as communication end points. This makes ...