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    • Misalignment effects using blast pencil probes 

      Skriudalen, Stian; Skjold, Arild; Hugsted, Bjørn; Teland, Jan Arild; Huseby, Morten (2014-02-12)
      This report investigates the use of blast pencil probes and the effect on the pressure-time history when having a non-optimized alignment of the pressure gauges, the so-called misalignment effect. This may be of special ...
    • Simple methods of estimating the hazardous area for a multiple blast situation 

      Skriudalen, Stian; Teland, Jan Arild; Skjold, Arild (2012-08-24)
      Active Protection Systems (APS) may cause injury to personnel nearby. To estimate the potential injury from an APS we examine the general case of two charges detonating in relative proximity. Three different methods for ...