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    • Development of LES inflow conditions for turbulent boundary layers 

      Wingstedt, Emma M. M.; Vartdal, Magnus; Osnes, Andreas N.; Tutkun, Murat (2013-10-31)
      Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) is currently the only known physically based method to model dispersion and transport of aerosols and gases in complex urban environments. One of the main challenges with CFD simulations ...
    • Modeling underwater explosions: Extending Charles to FIVER 

      Osnes, Andreas N. (2021-09-27)
      Modeling of explosions and implosions under water is important for design of vehicles and installations both under water and on the sea surface. There exists simple models, often in the form of empirical calibrations, for ...
    • MODITIC - large-eddy simulations of dense gas dispersion in urban environments 

      Eriksson, Daniel; Osnes, Andreas N.; Parmhed, Oskar; Wingstedt, Emma M. M.; Leroy, Guillaume (2016-10-13)
      The European Defence Agency (EDA) project B-1097-ESM4-GP “MOdelling the DIspersion of Toxic Industrial Chemicals in urban environments” (MODITIC) (2012 – 2016) has studied the release and transport of neutral and non-neutral ...