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    • Demonstrator for bildeoppbygging 

      Mevassvik, Ole Martin; Hafnor, Hilde; Hansen, Bjørn Jervell; Rose, Kjell; Viken, Kjell; Bråthen, Karsten; Leere, Anton B.; Sanden, Helge; Urdahl, Morten (2003)
      The report describes a technology demonstrator for maritime command and control, more specifically maritime picture production. The demonstrator includes legacy command and control information systems and new decision ...
    • Performance testing of STANAG 4406 (Military messaging) using IP over HF 

      Jodalen, Vivianne; Solberg, Bjørn; Grønnerud, Ove; Leere, Anton B. (2005)
      This report is the final summary of a test activity of Project 822 SIGVAT HF. The STANAG 4406 (Military Messaging) and its tactical protocol profile has been tested over an HF link supporting IP. The automated HF technologies ...