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    • Robust Web Services in Heterogeneous Military Networks 

      Lund, Ketil; Skjervold, Espen; Johnsen, Frank Trethan; Hafsøe, Trude; Eggen, Anders (2010)
      NATO Network Enabled Capability is firstand foremost about achieving better interactionbetween the different actors involved in militaryoperations. This implies more efficient exchangeof information. Consequently, the NATO ...
    • Semantic Service Discovery for Interoperability in Tactical Military Networks 

      Johnsen, Frank Trethan; Rustad, Marianne; Hafsøe, Trude; Eggen, Anders; Gagnes, Tommy (2010)
      Interoperability, both inter- and intra-nation, is a main concern when attempting to fully realize NATO Network Enabled Capabilities (NNEC). The NNEC vision implies an information infrastructure that supports prioritized access ...
    • Using web services to realize service oriented architecture in military communication networks 

      Lund, Ketil; Eggen, Anders; Hadzic, Dinko; Hafsøe, Trude; Johnsen, Frank Trethan (2007)
      The principles of network enabled capability highlight the need for seamless information exchange. The service oriented architectural paradigm has been recognized as one of the key enablers to achieve this. At the same ...