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    • Icing and wind – implications and mitigations in high-intensity, safety-critical drone operations in Norway 

      Hansbø, Morten; Hoelsæter, Øistein (2022-06-24)
      The background of this project is a desire at the Oslo University Hospital (OUS) to explore the feasibility of using drones to transport blood samples between two major hospitals in Oslo. The motivation is to achieve ...
    • LandX20 Experiment Report – experiment for future land warfare capabilities with focus on increased situational awareness and unmanned systems 

      Mathiassen, Kim; Baksaas, Magnus; Dyrdal Idar; Eikanger, Brage Gerdsønn; Gulbrandsen, Fredrik; Gusland, Daniel; Larsen, Martin Vonheim; Mentzoni, Eilert; Minos-Stensrud, Mathias; Moen, Jonas; Nilssen, Eivind Bergh; Nummedal, Olav Rune; Nygaard, Tønnes; Rolfsjord, Sigmund; Simonsen, Aleksander; Thoresen, Marius; Bakstad, Lorns Harald; Bentsen, Dan Helge; Eggesbø, Christian; Grimstvedt, Eirik Skjelbreid; Haavardsholm, Trym Vegard; Halsør, Marius; Hoelsæter, Øistein; Kolden, David; Krogstad, Thomas Røbekk; Macdonald, Robert Helseth; Nielsen, Niels Hygum; Nonsvik, Guri; Ruud, Else-Line Malene; Seehuus, Rikke Amilde; Wiig, Martin Syre; Østevold, Einar (2022-03-21)
      LandX20 was a collaborative experiment and demonstration where four research projects from the Norwegian Defence Research Establishment (FFI) participated. The goal of the experiment was two-fold. The first goal was to ...
    • LINE EW-UAS - an experimental unmanned system for coastal surveillance using ESM technology 

      Grimstvedt, Eirik Skjelbreid; Aronsen, Morten; Bergh-Nilssen, Eivind; Gulbrandsen, Fredrik; Hoelsæter, Øistein; Jahnsen, Berit; Kloster, Morten; Kure, Øivind; Larsen, Erlend; Lund, Ketil; Macdonald, Robert; Moen, Jonas; Nilssen, Jan-Rune; Sander, Jostein; Smestad, Tore; Thoresen, Thomas (2016-05-09)
      Drones and unmanned systems are attracting increasing interest from both military and civilian authorities alike, particularly in connection with surveillance and security technologies. An example of a use case for such ...