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    • Dose response severity functions for acoustic disturbance in cetaceans using recurrent event survival analysis 

      Harris, Catriona M.; Sadykova, Dinara; DeRuiter, Stacy; Tyack, Peter L.; Miller, Patrick J.O.; Kvadsheim, Petter Helgevold; Lam, Frans-Peter A.; Thomas, Len (2015)
      Behavioral response studies (BRSs) aim to enhance our understanding of the behavior changes made by animals in response to specific exposure levels of different stimuli, often presented in an increasing dosage. Here, we ...
    • Naval sonar disrupts foraging in humpback whales 

      Sivle, Lise Doksæter; Wensveen, Paul Jacobus; Kvadsheim, Petter Helgevold; Lam, Frans-Peter Alexander; Visser, Fleur; Curé, Charlotte; Harris, Catriona M.; Tyack, Peter Lloyd; Miller, Patrick James O'Malley (2016)
      Modern long-range naval sonars are a potential disturbance for marine mammals and can cause disruption of feeding in cetaceans. We examined the lunge-feeding behaviour of humpback whales Megaptera novaeangliae before, ...
    • Predator sound playbacks reveal strong avoidance responses in a fight strategist baleen whale 

      Curé, Charlotte; Sivle, Lise Doksæter; Visser, Fleur; Wensveen, Paul J.; Isojunno, Saana; Harris, Catriona M.; Kvadsheim, Petter Helgevold; Lam, Frans-Peter A.; Miller, Patrick James O'Malley (2015)
      Anti-predator strategies are often defined as ‘flight’ or ‘fight’, based upon prey anatomical adaptations for size, morphology and weapons, as well as observed behaviours in the presence of predators. The humpback whale ...