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    • Modeling FMCW Radar for Subsurface Analysis 

      Eide, Sigurd; Casademont, Titus; Aardal, Øyvind Lund; Hamran, Svein-Erik (2022-04-05)
      Determining subsurface properties through ground penetrating radar sounding can be challenging, especially in planetary exploration, where little is known about the terrain and additional observations are limited. Analysis ...
    • Radar imager for Mars’ subsurface experiment—RIMFAX 

      Hamran, Svein-Erik; Paige, David A.; Amundsen, Hans E. Foss; Berger, Tor; Brovoll, Sverre; Carter, Lynn; Hanssen, Leif; Dypvik, Henning; Eide, Jo; Eide, Sigurd; Ghent, Rebecca; Helleren, Øystein; Kohler, Jack; Mellon, Mike; Nunes, Daniel C.; Plettemeier, Dirk; Rowe, Kathryn; Russell, Patrick; Øyan, Mats Jørgen (2020-11-03)
      The Radar Imager for Mars’ Subsurface Experiment (RIMFAX) is a Ground Penetrating Radar on the Mars 2020 mission’s Perseverance rover, which is planned to land near a deltaic landform in Jezero crater. RIMFAX will add a ...