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    • A hybrid recorded-synthetic sonar data set for validation of ASW classification algorithms 

      Hjelmervik, Karl Thomas; Berg, Henrik; Sekse, Dan Henrik; Solberg, Tale (2015)
      Modern anti-submarine warfare sonars are often designed with narrow beamwidths and wide frequency bandwidths in order to maximize spatial resolution and sonar performance. A known issue for high-resolution sonars in littoral ...
    • Sonar scattering from the sea bottom near the Norwegian coast 

      Vestgården, Jørn Inge; Hjelmervik, Karl Thomas; Stender, Dan Henrik Sekse; Berg, Henrik (2017)
      High false alarm rates on active sonar systems in shallow waters is a well known problem which may be a limiting factor for the sonar performance. One way to reduce the false alarm rate is through supervised learning and ...