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    • Fusing of a continuous output PDR algorithm with an ultrasonic positioning system 

      Thio, Vincent Martello Kwie Hoe; Aparicio, Joaquin; Ånonsen, Kjetil Bergh; Bekkeng, Jan Kenneth; Booij, Wilfred (2021-12-09)
      The availability of inertial navigation sensors in smartphones has facilitated the development of pedestrian dead reckoning (PDR) models on a large scale. These models often consist of a step detection algorithm combined ...
    • Relative Heading Estimation for Pedestrians Based on the Gravity Vector 

      Thio, Vincent; Ånonsen, Kjetil Bergh; Bekkeng, Jan Kenneth (2021-03-15)
      Inertial navigation of pedestrians carrying a smart device is a core component of many indoor positioning systems. While infrastructure-based solutions typically depend on an installation of dedicated hardware, inertial ...