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    • Demonstrating Interoperability Between Unmanned Ground Systems and Command and Control Systems 

      Mathiassen, Kim; Schneider, Frank; Bounker, Paul; Tiderko, Alexander; De Cubber, Geert; Baksaas, Magnus; Glowka, Jakub; Kozik, Rafal; Nussbaumer, Thomas; Röning, Juha; Pellenz, Johannes; Volk, Andre (2021-05-25)
      This paper describes the research and experiment efforts of the NATO STO group IST-149-RTG capability concept demonstrator for interoperability within unmanned ground systems and C2 and the NAAG team of experts on UGV. ...
    • Evaluation of Two Path Following Controllers for an Ackermann Off-road Vehicle in Winter and Summer Conditions 

      Baksaas, Magnus; Olsen, Lars Erik; Mathiassen, Kim (2021-04-02)
      Off-road driving can be a challenging task with rapid changes in the driving conditions, terrain and vehicle behavior. For off-road autonomous vehicles, it is important to be robust to these changes, and parts of this ...
    • Making the Milrem Themis UGV ready for autonomous operations 

      Mathiassen, Kim; Baksaas, Magnus; Aas Græe, Sindre; Mentzoni, Eilert André; Nielsen, Niels Hygum (2021-04-12)
      The usage of Unmanned Ground Vehicles (UGVs) in defence application is increasing, and much research effort is put into the field. Also, many defence vehicle producers are developing UGV platforms. However, the autonomy ...