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    • Studying the effect of source proximity in sperm whales and continous sonar in pilot whales using operational sonars - the 3S-2019-OPS cruise report 

      Author::Kvadsheim, Petter H.; Author::Lam, Frans-Peter A.; Author::Isojunno, Saana; Author::Wensveen, Paul J.; Author::Ijssemuide, Sander P. van; Author::López, Lucia Martina Martin; Author::Riet, Martijn W. G. van; Author::McGhee, Elizabeth Henderson; Author::Siemensma, Marije L.; Author::Bort, Jacqueline; Author::Burslem, Alexander; Author::Hansen, Rune Roland; Author::Miller, Patrick J. O. (2020-07)
      The 3S project is an international collaborative effort with the aim to investigate behavioral reactions of cetaceans to naval sonar signals. The objectives of the third phase of the project are to investigate if exposure ...